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As advocates of goals-based planning, we can help align your financial strategies with your short- and long-term objectives. We also believe that education and communication are important for helping to bring clarity to clients’ decision-making, so we make these components the foundation of our support.  Our Sr. Advisor, Scott McKay, is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ practitioner. Scott has spent over two decades studying and navigating the often convoluted employer benefit plans in the Telecom, Defense Engineering and Federal Employee sectors.  Through this knowledge he has crafted customized planning processes designed to identify specific financial items you must address. In every step, we can provide the strategic guidance you seek to soundly manage your money, maximize your benefits, and achieve your goals. Scott has been awarded the Five Star Wealth Manager Award for five years now...2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2021. 

The FIVE STAR Wealth Manager list is created by Crescendo Business Services LLC. It includes less than 14% of 2,730 wealth managers in the Dallas Fort Worth area in 2017. Award candidates are identified by one of three sources; firm nomination, peer nomination or prequalification. Wealth managers were evaluated across ten criteria: (a) Credentialed as an investment advisory representative or a registered investment advisor; (b) Actively employed as a credentialed professional in the financial services industry for a minimum of five years; (c) Favorable regulatory and complaint history review; (d) Fulfilled their firm review based on internal firm standards; (e) Accepting new clients; (f) One-year client retention rate; (g) Five-year client retention rate; (h) non-institutional discretionary and/or non-discretionary client assets administered; (i) Number of client households served. (j) Educational and professional designations. Favorable and unfavorable evaluations are included in the score. Each wealth manager is reviewed for regulatory actions, civil judicial actions, and customer complaints. A favorable regulatory and complaint history is defined by Five Star Professional to mean that the wealth manager has not: *Been subject to a regulatory action that resulted in a license being suspended or revoked, or payment of a fine; *Had more than a total of three settled or pending customer complaints filed against them with any regulatory authority or through Five Star Professional’s consumer complaint process; *Individually contributed to a financial settlement of a customer complaint filed with a regulatory authority; *Filed for personal bankruptcy; *Been convicted of a felony. Five Star Wealth Managers do not pay a fee to be considered or placed on the final list of Five Star Wealth Managers. Scores reflect an average of all respondents and are not representative of any one client's evaluation. The Five Star award is not indicative of the wealth managers’ future performance. Wealth managers may or may not use discretion in their practice and therefore may not manage their clients’ assets. Working with a FIVE STAR Wealth Manager or any wealth manager is no guarantee as to future investment success, nor is there any guarantee that the selected wealth managers will be awarded this accomplishment by Five Star Professional in the future. The inclusion of a wealth manager on the Five Star Wealth Manager list should not be construed as an endorsement of the wealth manager by Five Star Professional or the magazine. Five Star Professional is not an advisory firm.