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Why We Do It

All members of the 4Points team share one guiding trait above all others: a servants heart.  We believe there is a dearth of financial literacy in America today and we have the ability to help improve that and make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.  Our name, 4Points, reflects the four facets of clients’ financial lives that we help them address, so they are heading in the right direction:


Point 1: Retirement Planning

Preparing our clients to retire is central to our support, and we will help you identify how you envision this life phase and the goals that matter to you. From there, we design a realistic path toward those goals. We can also work with you to craft and manage your retirement income distribution strategies, encompassing all sources so that income is received in the most consistent and tax efficient manner.


Point 2: Protection Strategies

What would happen to your family if you suffered an untimely death or loss of income? While these topics may be difficult to discuss, we believe addressing them is prudent and essential. We can help you create protection strategies that look out for your family’s wellbeing and ensure you can proactively manage the whatever challenges life brings your way.

Point 3: Investment Management

We personally oversee our clients’ investments, so they have one point of contact consistently monitoring their portfolio’s performance. Through this support, clients receive goals-based and tax-aware strategies for allocating your portfolio. Our clients have an ally helping to dynamically manage their portfolios as their lives and markets evolve.


Point 4: Legacy Planning

Retirement isn’t the only end-goal you need to consider. Ensuring that your legacy passes on in accordance with your values is also important. We can help you address a variety of legacy planning needs, so you can protect your estate and pass inheritance with forethought and care. We will assist you with items such as ensuring you have proper wills in place and coordinating any trust strategies that can support your goals, among other financial factors.